Three Muses - Vintage

I'm not sure this qualifies as vintage, but it is evocative of days gone by.  In rural Illinois where I grew up, the landscape was dotted with manicured little farms, each almost self-sufficient.  Today, many of these little homesteads are vacant and have fallen into disrepair.  The tidy barns are neglected and falling down.  It saddens me to see this bucolic style of life becoming a thing of the past.   This is a tribute to all those Illinois farmers of long ago....such as the one remembered in this Carl Sandburg poem....

Bury this old Illinois farmer with respect.
He slept the Illinois nights of his life
     After days of work in Illinois cornfields.
Now he goes on a long sleep.
The wind he listened to in the cornsilk and the tassels,
the wind that combed his red beard
zero mornings when the snow
lay white on the yellow ears
in the bushel basket at the corncrib,
The same wind will now blow
over the place here where his hands
must dream of Illinois corn. 

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Credits:  Background - Ruby Blossom.   House and silhouette googled.
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