Three Muses - Spring

I love Spring, when the stark, bare trees of winter begin to show the first faint sprigs of green; when the morning is greeted by birdsong;  when crocuses and daffodils are pushing their way up through soil with its rich, loamy fragrance, moist from melting snow.   It was when my mother's seed catalogs arrived in the mail, and she spent hours poring over them, planning her garden.   It was birthing time for the farm animals, and the appearance of frisky little lambs, baby calves trailing their mothers about the fields,  and the ducks and geese guarding their nests until the miraculous appearance of  their little balls-of-fluff offspring.   I lived for almost 5 years in Florida where each warm, sunny day is followed by the next warm, sunny day in seamless succession with no change of seasons.   After a couple of years, I began to long for the magic of Spring and the crisp days of early Autumn.  Happily I've returned to the midwest, and I've never tired of the change of seasons!    My art is a simplistic representation of the magic of Spring.  The girl with tulip is an original sketch.   Thanks for stopping by!
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