Three Muses - Travel

MY TRAVEL STORY ..... Once upon a time, before retirement, I traveled on business to the city of Chicago. At the end of the day, I checked into my motel, unpacked my cosmetics, freshened my makeup, and made my way to the hotel restaurant for dinner. While dining, the hotel manager approached me and asked me to stop by the desk when I finished my dinner, saying it was necessary to move me to another room. It seemed they had mistakenly checked me into a room that was already occupied by a Japanese businessman. I insisted there was no evidence of an occupant there, but he was insistent. Dinner finished, we made our way to my room. We looked about, and sure enough, on the far side of the bed sat a tidy, small piece of luggage, precisely placed by my almost roommate. We hastily gathered my things, and moved me down the hall. And so it was, in the city of Chicago on a chilly winter evening several years ago, a Japanese businessman and I narrowly escaped a late night encounter of startling dimensions!! Thanks Ann, for the challenge, and thanks everyone for reading my story!
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