For the most part, I use my blog for posting the art I create in response to the art challenges I so enjoy. From time to time, however, I feel a need to comment on life as it is today. In the Stone Age (when I was a child), the grocer in our little town had shelves stocked with rural necessities from soda crackers to bag balm. It was a folksy little place where the local farmers gathered to visit a bit before heading home from their errands, and the kids could get a towering ice cream cone for a dime. I was thinking of it this week when I was bumbling about in my ex-favorite grocery trying to find the items on my list. The store is being converted from a medium-sized, easy accessible store to one of those mega-stores where I need a golf cart to get from produce to paper products. Nothing is where it used to be, and the layout, I'm convinced, has been planned by a demented chimp on speed. In the good old days, a pound of coffee weighed 16 ounces, and picking up a box of crackers was a simple thing. Now it gives me a horrendous headache. Do I want regular, salt-free or low salt? Extra crispy or regular? Cheddar, ranch or barbeque? Baked or traditional. Low fat or no fat? It's enough to leave hapless shoppers in a corner in the fetal position, whimpering quietly. My friends and I are in our senior years. We wear out quickly. We have decided to lobby for a first aid station somewhere mid-store!
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