An award

My generous (and funny, and talented) blog friend, Rosie, has kindly gifted me with the Me-Me award. I'm to list 7 things about myself, and name 7 blog friends I'd like to receive the award. Below I'll list the 7 things, but I'll ask you to choose ANY 7 names from my favorite blog list, and I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised at the talent you'll find. And now for the seven things:
1. I'm the widow of a firefighter.
2. I have zero patience, and endless curiosity.
3. I went to a one-room school.
4. I'm three-quarters of a century old. (Yikes!)
5. I was a medical transcriptionist and regional supervisor.
6. I have a spicy (sometimes sarcastic) sense of humor.
7. My employees (hopefully fondly) used to call me "Old Ironpants"!
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