*** HOPE ***

As a young woman, I ventured from my sheltered Illinois farm upbringing to Miami, Florida. I still remember my shock at seeing water fountains marked “Colored Only”, and my indignation at seeing weary little old black ladies standing in the back of a bus when there were empty seats at the front. I remember Selma, marches and riots, and the man who had a dream. I remember the fierce patriotism of a nation united during World War II. Yesterday, I saw history made in the United States of America. I saw thousands of faces in Grant Park in Chicago, a microcosm of who we are, waving small flags and cheering the man who brings us hope of a better day, hope of a united people, hope of our young men coming home, hope of restoring our good name in the community of nations, and hope of restoring financial and physical security. May God smile on the journey of this young man with a dream.
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